Thursday, July 06, 2006

Deal or No Deal

Last night I gave the opportunity for someone to win a stat point of their choice. The flipside is there was definitely something to risk: losing a stat point of their choice. I have been bantering around on game channels for a while with this idea and was struggling to find something that would be a challenge and fair at the same time. A few suggestions were made that just didn't seem like they were worthy. A few weeks ago someone was suggesting that they could go from level 40 40 40 36 to 13 avatar in a week or so, but nobody wanted to take a bet along those lines.

In any case, the suggestion came up last night to just do a random role. Of course, every player assumed that the game would be 50/50 win to lose. The rule I set was 25/75 win/lose. One player decided to take the chance almost immediately, Mystery. To his credit this is a very gutsy chance to take. It's not like Las Vegas where you have lots of chances to bet and slowly lose your money over time. This was a one roll opportunity in much the same way as the show, deal or no deal is.

I opened up fargate and let players gate in to witness the event held at the Idol in Bal Harbor. Many seemed to enjoy the ensuing spectacle.

To sum it up, Mystery rolled a 28, well below the 75 cuttoff for him to win a stat point. As the game was announce, he was to lose a stat point for anything lower than a 75. The unannounced portion of the game was that I had decided if he lost, I would do one role and if it was above 85 the game would be cancelled. I rolled a 92, so his stat point was saved. Mystery isn't exactly lucky, but he wasn't unlucky in this case.

If I can get around to it, I'd like to organize a game of chance and skill around the lines of Deal or No Deal involving a match of players versus mobs. Do you want to take the item on this mob (if you can kill it)? Or do you want go for another mob and item? Maybe I'll be able to convince someone else to set it up if they have time or energy.