Sunday, February 11, 2007

Builders Port Experiment Part 3

As I mentioned in two previous articles on the builders port experiment (part 1, part 2), we have started a process of letting people build without having immortals. Today was the opening of the first area that went through that process. I must say that it far beat my expectations.

A lot of congratulations go out to Rub for his effort and determination. I won't bother boring you with all of the details of the hassles that he went through, as they are pretty much on par with what I have discussed in those and other previous articles about building an area on a mud. Rub did an outstanding job navigating all of the administrative overhead (translated into kicking us in the behind every once in a while) to get it done.

We had hoped for, but never really believed we would get an area over from the builders port. While this is something to be happy about, what is truly an unexpected and pleasant surprise is the quality of the area. It has a well thought-out and cohesive theme with many unique features.
  • There is a unique way of getting to the area with its perils that some slightly greedy players have already discovered.
  • There are some really cool differentiating effects like the loudspeaker.
  • The mobs are smart and interact with each other and the players.

While we have quite a few areas which have this level of detail in them, it is extremely rare to see this from a new builder. I truley do appreciate the creativity, effort and determination which Rub put into this. I hope that it continues and we in for more surprises as we get closer to completion on a few other areas on the builders port.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Slothmud Cheat Codes

In continuing with the theme of "what if Slothmud had..." Today I was inspired to think about what if Slothmud had cheat codes. I frankly don't know much about cheat codes these days, but the last time I looked you had to go to certain places in a game and type words. This is far to advanced for me, I'm old school when it comes to cheat codes.

In the old days of NES and Super Nintendo cheat codes you just used the controller. You did things like left right left right up down up down A B A B A A B B start to get yourself advanced to level 15. You had to do this right when you turned the game on and before the main menu appeared or it didn't take. It was awkward and the better the cheat, the harder the commands were to get to it.

I never figured out how people managed to figure them out or if the game producers just published them somehow.

So in the spirit of this here are some Slothmud cheat codes:
  • Go to the Innkeeper and do East West East West Up Down Up Down Offer Steal Offer Steal Beg Rent for Free Rent
  • Turn fargate on with cast 'summon' cast 'gate' cast 'gate' summon cast 'summon' gate enterfar enterportal
  • To turn off fargate do cast 'summon' cast 'gate' cast 'gate' summon cast 'summon' gate unenterfar unenterportal
  • Go to the Storekeeper and do Bounce Bounce Spin Spin Sleep Wake Sleep Wake Beg Sleep Wake Sleep Beg for 100 free iron rations
  • Find Guinex and say 'ali baba alakazaam' to change the live port to chaos mode
  • Go to the armorer and do #20 {rem all;wear all} wield note to get access to five new types of newbie weapon equipment
  • Go to Demogorgon and do West East West Spin cast 'faerie fire' Demogorgon flee flee flee hide flee flee flee for Fast Repop (better be quick on this one or you end up dead!)
  • Go to West Gate and do #20 {page this game sucks} to get a free demotion to level 1 (may be delayed based availability of immortals)
  • Go to Shallah and do rest #10 {gossip AFK :)~} and instantly gain access to 5 of Brad's level 40 characters which he has forgotten. Hurry, only the first 500 people a year to do this get unique characters.
  • From anywhere do inv inv inv inv inv inv inv inv to ensure a pthief hasn't taken your inventory
  • To get advanced to level 46 do drink aaa (maybe this one is for another mud)

Some of these cheat codes may already be wel known, but there are also many secret cheat codes within the game. You'll have to make your own website and publish them as you find least that's what might happen if there really were cheat codes.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


It has occurred to me on several occasions that Slothmud does not have Taxes. But imagine if it did? The IRS (Immortal Revenue System) would have an entire manual full of tax codes.

If you mess up, you could get audited by an IRS and possibly wiped for cheating on your taxes. It would also require a new set of terminology, but I'll do my best to translate it to the U.S. tax system definitions.

For example:
  • You are taxed for every head you take while in a chop group. This is called the capital gains tax.
  • You are taxed for all the gold you during your normal exp runs. This is called dividend tax.
  • You are taxed at a higher rate for gold that you get while cycling island gold. This is called Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • You are taxed for all items shipped and received to your alternative characters. This is called the Generation Skipping Tax.
  • You must pay an additional tax for every alternate character created over the 40th character. (This is known as Brad's Tax).
Of course, there are ways to reduce your tax burden and these calculated via deductions.
  • If you are evil, or in DoT, you only get to take the standard deduction.
  • If you bought a house or mansion, you can deduct depreciation on the house, but only if one of Brad's characters has ever been there (This is a common deduction).
  • However, you can't deduct the house if you are storing someone else's equipment in the vault as this then qualifies as a commercial property and is subject to different tax law.
  • If you are not in a clan, you can consider yourself self-employed and take a small deduction.
Unfortunately, this is just a small sampling of the entire tax code. In order to effectively file you'll have to pop the manual of course and get the 'filing tax' skill learned up to 95%. You'll need to buy a software program like TurboTax. This wouldn't be affiliated with the character Turbo, but they probably would have paid him for the trademark.

In any case, it's not a pretty world to consider. But as the old saying goes, "The only two certainties in life are death and taxes." At least the first half holds very true with Slothmud.