Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back to Reality With A Vengence

This past week has been mainly filled with work and travel. These are two things that independently aren't the most attractive things in the world to me (business travel that is). When combined, they can really dig into my motivation and energy levels. It's very hard to stay involved in activities related the SlothMUD when sitting on a plane.

When I had a predictable commute to work on a commuter train, I would jot down area descriptions when there was enough room to pull out a pen and notepad. It is much less convenient to do this on a plane. I feel I am either putting up my tray table, passing along a drink to someone else in my row, getting up to let them out to the bathroom, or some other interruption. Not to mention that the 5 inches of leg room on a United flight cost $39. I'd pay half that for 3 inches, but they don't seem to offer that option.

In any case, I managed to a very small amount of coding during the week of travel. We'll see if my contribution ever makes it any where. I suppose the overall point of this post is that, despite our desires, even the most mundane of activities can really interfere with our ability to enhance this game.

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