Thursday, October 19, 2006

Slothmud III Website Wayback..

I was doing a little research on the website history for a page I am planning to make. I found a few things while using the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine is quite flakey so if any of the links below don't take you to a page, file a complaint to the proper authorities (AKA, not me).
  • 1998: Over 12,000 rooms and 3,000 distinct mobs, 4 classes (mage, cleric, thief, warrior), forging, brews, quests, multiple continents, and more, Sloth offers enough challenge to make even the most seasoned mudder never want to go anywhere else.
  • January 2000: Slightly New website design and update:..5 classes (cleric, mage, thief, warrior,avatar), forging, brews, quests, multiple continents, and more...
  • December 2000: Site redesign.
  • With over 21,000 rooms and 7,500 distinct mobs, our world is absolutely enormous. With the inception of 4 new classes (necromancer, druid, bard, and monk)
  • 2004: Relauched site on PHP Nuke with a different theme.
  • 2005: With over 23,500 uniquely described rooms, 8,300 distinct creatures, 12,200 characters, and 7,100 pieces of equipment...
  • October 2006: Changed to custom Sloth theme. (current site)

In total, in about 8 years we've gone nearly doubled the number of rooms, nearly tripled the number of creaturs and added a lot of equipment. I haven't tried to quantify the additions in functionality to the website, just the number of graphical redesigns.

If anyone has numbers on the size of the game or some screenshots of the website prior to 1998, I'd be very interested.

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