Tuesday, August 07, 2007

10 years of SlothMUD III

This week marks the 10th anniversary of SlothMUD III. This means 10 years of a continuous playerbase and the same administration (roughly). While many players and builders have come and gone and many changes have taken place, if you rented your character in late 1997 with any reasonable levels, you can still log it in.

The one constant over the past 10 years has been change. It's pace has varied widely, from "Slothy" with incremental areas and skills to dramatic, with new continents and a doubling of classes.

I don't have a "who" list handy from that first few weeks, but would appreciate anyone who could post or send one.

I also don't have a comprehensive list of all of the people who have contributed to building various parts of SlothMUD. This list would indeed be long and we all hope it continues to grow.

Among all of the changes on the mud and the pace of real life, it is often easy to miss this kind of anniversary and mark it. However, I believe it is noteworthy and it's kind of easy for me to remember Sloth's anniversary since it's only a few days before my wedding anniversary. For the record, I got married before I ever started playing Sloth II.

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