Sunday, February 11, 2007

Builders Port Experiment Part 3

As I mentioned in two previous articles on the builders port experiment (part 1, part 2), we have started a process of letting people build without having immortals. Today was the opening of the first area that went through that process. I must say that it far beat my expectations.

A lot of congratulations go out to Rub for his effort and determination. I won't bother boring you with all of the details of the hassles that he went through, as they are pretty much on par with what I have discussed in those and other previous articles about building an area on a mud. Rub did an outstanding job navigating all of the administrative overhead (translated into kicking us in the behind every once in a while) to get it done.

We had hoped for, but never really believed we would get an area over from the builders port. While this is something to be happy about, what is truly an unexpected and pleasant surprise is the quality of the area. It has a well thought-out and cohesive theme with many unique features.
  • There is a unique way of getting to the area with its perils that some slightly greedy players have already discovered.
  • There are some really cool differentiating effects like the loudspeaker.
  • The mobs are smart and interact with each other and the players.

While we have quite a few areas which have this level of detail in them, it is extremely rare to see this from a new builder. I truley do appreciate the creativity, effort and determination which Rub put into this. I hope that it continues and we in for more surprises as we get closer to completion on a few other areas on the builders port.

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