Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Slothmud Cheat Codes

In continuing with the theme of "what if Slothmud had..." Today I was inspired to think about what if Slothmud had cheat codes. I frankly don't know much about cheat codes these days, but the last time I looked you had to go to certain places in a game and type words. This is far to advanced for me, I'm old school when it comes to cheat codes.

In the old days of NES and Super Nintendo cheat codes you just used the controller. You did things like left right left right up down up down A B A B A A B B start to get yourself advanced to level 15. You had to do this right when you turned the game on and before the main menu appeared or it didn't take. It was awkward and the better the cheat, the harder the commands were to get to it.

I never figured out how people managed to figure them out or if the game producers just published them somehow.

So in the spirit of this here are some Slothmud cheat codes:
  • Go to the Innkeeper and do East West East West Up Down Up Down Offer Steal Offer Steal Beg Rent for Free Rent
  • Turn fargate on with cast 'summon' cast 'gate' cast 'gate' summon cast 'summon' gate enterfar enterportal
  • To turn off fargate do cast 'summon' cast 'gate' cast 'gate' summon cast 'summon' gate unenterfar unenterportal
  • Go to the Storekeeper and do Bounce Bounce Spin Spin Sleep Wake Sleep Wake Beg Sleep Wake Sleep Beg for 100 free iron rations
  • Find Guinex and say 'ali baba alakazaam' to change the live port to chaos mode
  • Go to the armorer and do #20 {rem all;wear all} wield note to get access to five new types of newbie weapon equipment
  • Go to Demogorgon and do West East West Spin cast 'faerie fire' Demogorgon flee flee flee hide flee flee flee for Fast Repop (better be quick on this one or you end up dead!)
  • Go to West Gate and do #20 {page this game sucks} to get a free demotion to level 1 (may be delayed based availability of immortals)
  • Go to Shallah and do rest #10 {gossip AFK :)~} and instantly gain access to 5 of Brad's level 40 characters which he has forgotten. Hurry, only the first 500 people a year to do this get unique characters.
  • From anywhere do inv inv inv inv inv inv inv inv to ensure a pthief hasn't taken your inventory
  • To get advanced to level 46 do drink aaa (maybe this one is for another mud)

Some of these cheat codes may already be wel known, but there are also many secret cheat codes within the game. You'll have to make your own website and publish them as you find least that's what might happen if there really were cheat codes.

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